Up Sale Rack

UP SALE RACK is an innovative sales-promotion system, consisting of a metal framework and an entirely printed cover. It enables maximum exposure of a product, company or brand, and enhances chance purchase.

DPI offers a favourable business relationship in terms of renting Up Sale Racks including integrated marketing support, which involves design, printing, assembly at point(s) of sale and the changes of the advertising or promotion message, for additional sales promotion.

  • Sales increase by 35%!
  • 0 EUR initial investment!


  • The patented technical solution using a spring and airflow enables ongoing lifting of the products and an always-full rack.
  • The products are always at optimum hight, which enables the buyer to take the praoduct without bending over or uplifting of heavy objects.
  • The USR enables storage of the respective product and is therefore always full.
  • Variable rack dimensions enable adaptation to product size and type.
  • The USR-system can be adapted to all types of products: drinks, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, technical products, etc.


  • Due to the high loading capacity and the adaptability to the product weight, the system is ideal for promotion of heavier products.
  • The limited ground-plan area takes up little space, which makes it suitable also for smaller shops.
  • The metal framework is resistant and durable.
  • Product-refill is quick and easy.
  • Favourable renting system requiring no initial investment.
  • Research shows an average sales increase of 35%.

VERSATILE USE: The option of adaptation to the weight and/or size of the respective product and the option of changing the advertising or promotion message according to sales activity mean you can use the same number of racks for an unlimited number of promotions.


The USR-system is supported by an integrated marketing approach. It was developed for trade chains, shops, petrol stations and smaller shops. With the USR, you offer your partners and suppliers a unique sales-promotion tool (‘push’ strategy) to increase their sales in an innovative and practical way.

  • 0 EUR initial investment;
  • Direct delivery to your point(s) of sale;
  • Printing and changing the advertising message;
  • Message change frequency as needed or arranged;
  • Higher profitability;
  • Supplier satisfaction;
  • Enhancement of chance purchases;
  • Sale increase by 35%;
  • Integrated approach: ready-to-use rack. 



Testing at various points of sale: sales increase by 35%

Up Sale Rack testing in beer sale showed best results.





Shops: sales increase by 35%

With the USR in the shop, total sales of beer rose by 35% (from 44.5 sold product units to 60 sold product units). From total products sold (60) in the test period, 33 pieces, i.e. 55% of total sales, were sold from the USR.




Supermarkets: sales increase by 31%

In supermarkets, where chance purchases are less frequent, the USR causes a double effect: a direct-marketing and an advertising effect. In general, sale rose by 31%.




Sales increase at various points of sale:

On all USR testing points a rise in sales was noted!




Within the frame of the sales increase, the USR printed with the advertising message exhibited a 15% greater efficiency.



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